Front-End Wordpress Web Dev (Remote)

NeuroTechX is looking for a Web Dev to help with its next iteration on its website. The motivation behind using Wordpress is to facilitate Communication and Marketing people to add news & announcements and update the website themselves (without the need for web dev). We are looking for an individual who'd like to help NeuroTechX in its mission, by making sure our main portal (our website) shows the world how awesome NeuroTechX and its community really is.
So much awesome stuff is happening and yet our current website doesn't reflect that!

*Please note this position is a volunteer (unpaid) position.


*The expectations for NTX volunteer positions are ~5h / week.

If you'd like to help us push the field of Neurotechnology and have some Wordpress Ninja Skills, here is a good opportunity for you. NeuroTechX needs your help. Join other NeuroTech Enthusiasts who are excited about the Neurotech Future ahead of us and be part of that future! Send me your resume and a link to your profile or portfolio and a brief description explaining your motivation, at yannick [at]

About NeurotechX

NeuroTechX brings hackers, enthusiasts, researchers and experts together to drive innovation and foster collaboration at local and international scales. Our core mission is to build a strong global neurotech community by providing key resources, learning opportunities, and by being leaders in local and worldwide technological initiatives. We believe neurotechnology is key to better understanding and to improving who we are. Join us to take part in the conversation and help shape the future of neurotechnology!


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